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Home Automation With Control4: A Complete Guide

Control4 Touch Panel Home Automation

The world today is rapidly changing. At the forefront of this change, the tech industry is changing by leaps and bounds day in and day out.


In the rapidly changing technological world Control4 home automation is a homeowners breath of fresh air, turning the “I’m not good with technology” into “let me show you how it’s done”. If you’re in the market for a smart home system, this guide will help you understand why Control4 should be in the conversation as option # 1.


What is Control4?

Control4 is one of the industry’s leading home automation system manufacturers who offer customizable smart home systems that automate and control the technology in your home or office. These devices include, lighting, audio, video, climate, surveillance, security, access control devices and motorized shades. Control4 is designed to enhance your lifestyle and environment while increasing the functionality without having to compromise aesthetics.


Key Aspects of Control4

Consolidated Control

Control4 is a unified platform where you can manage and control all of your smart home devices. Whether by touchscreen, mobile app, remote controls, or voice command, you have complete control over your home from anywhere in the world.


When it comes to home automation, customization is a highly sought after feature. With Control4, homeowners can easily adjust or create “scenes’” or “buttons” that automate multiple devices based on time of day, temperature, or occupancy. For example, a single press of a button could trigger your blinds to close, adjust the temperature, turn off all the lights, and arm the security system.  If you can dream it, Control4 can do it.


Unlike other home automation systems, Control4 is not a proprietary system. Control4 is currently compatible with over 13,000 third party consumer electronic products ensuring you can continue using your favorite brands without any issues.

High-End Audio/Video Integration

Control4 is capable of integrating with any home entertainment system. Whether you want to distribute high-definition audio and video throughout your home or take control of your current home theater system, Control4 is both flexible and scalable.

Security & Surveillance

Control4 knows that your home is your sanctuary. Therefore, they have made it easy to integrate and manage surveillance cameras, door locks, security systems and more. Watch live video feeds and receive real-time alerts to your mobile devices when unwanted visitors show up. No matter where you are in the world, Control4 has your back.

Energy Management & Efficiency

Control4 can also manage your homes energy consumption by automating your lights, motorized shades & drapes, and thermostats. This can increase efficiency and reduce overall costs.


“Okay, I Love Control4, How Do I Get Started?”

Find a Dealer

First you’ll need to find an authorized Control4 dealer.  If you live in the Orange County, California area Almond Audio Video has your covered. Give us a call or simply submit a free quote request by clicking the link here and we will take care of you.   If you’re anywhere else in the world, click the link here to find an authorized Control4 dealer in your area.

Consultation and planning

You don’t know what you don’t know… Ask your Control4 dealer about everything they offer. Ask them to see systems they have done in the past for your own inspiration. You can even ask to see a demo so you can see Control4 in action. The consultation and planning portion of the project is an educational process, don’t be afraid to take your time and there are no dumb questions. The best advice we can give you here is to give your dealer a budget and let them know what aspects of the system are most important to you. Give Michelangelo your block of stone and let him uncover your personalized David!

Professional Installation

It goes without saying that the professional is emphasized here. Please do not buy your own equipment online and hire some guy who thinks he knows what he’s doing. You're going to end up with a system that never works and to top if off you'll have to hire a professional to fix it all. Buy nice or buy twice! I'm serious, I could start a second business just cleaning up other peoples messes in this industry. Control4 systems need to be installed and programmed by technicians who have been certified by Control4. These credentials can easily be provided upon request.

Bringing it All Together

Control4, done correctly, is more than just a smart home system. It’s a lifestyle upgrade. It brings simplicity, joy, and elegance into your home environment. Whether you’re building your dream home or upgrading your existing space, Control4 is a robust and scalable smart home system where technology and user friendly are used in the same sentence. Embrace the future of smart living with Control4.


 -Almond Audio Video


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