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“Home Automation” refers to the automatic control of electronic components. Simply stated, it allows you the ability to control multiple components simultaneously and through means of voice, motion, a physical button press, or by means of scheduled events. If done well, all methods of control stated above will be available to the home owner; Both while at home & away!

How does home automation work?

Home Automation is a network of hardware, and communication devices that work to integrate everyday devices with one another. Every device has a multitude of GPIO's (General purpose input output) that connect back to a control processor via Z-Wave, Internet, Low-Voltage, Radio Frequency, etc.. so you can manage them from your smartphone, tablet, remote control, voice, etc.. whether you’re at home, or thousands of miles away. This allows you to turn off all the lights, lock the front door, or even set the temperature, no matter where you are.

What is home automation?

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